These boots were made for walkin'! If you want to look absolutely hot and alluring, put on a pair of unforgettable boots!


Boot it up!

Boots are a form of footwear that has made it's mark in the fashion industry. Boots were first invented to keep the feet and calves warm during the colder season, however, recently they have evolved and become more of a fashion statement. It doesn't necessarily have to be cold for women to put on a pair of boots. In fact, many boots are now strappy with stiletto heels, made solely for fashion. Shoes are crucial to bringing an outfit together, and should be given much thought before putting an outfit together. At Spurst.com, we have a wide selection of boots, including stilettos, chunky heels, platforms, pumps, flats, strapped, ankle boots, knee length, thigh length, zip up, tie up, and much more. Boots look great over fishnet and sheer stockings or pantyhose. Thigh high boots are the latest in fashion trends and every lady should own a pair! Anyone can look stunning in a pair of boots, you just need to know how to style them! If you don't know how, you've come to the right place!

Wearing your Boots

  • Thigh high boots look great with an oversized top, pea coat, or a dress. If you're going to rock thigh highs, make sure a little bit of skin is showing to give it a sex appeal. Pairing it with jeans and a top will do you no good. Wear sheer pantyhose if you have to.
  • Flat boots are more casual and laid back, so pair these cuties with a pair of jeans and a casual top. You're going for the effortless casual look.
  • Booties are the shortest boots, and if you're afraid you will be showing too much skin, pair them with tights or opaque pantyhose. Sheer pantyhose, or none at all also look great if you're bold enough to give it a try!
  • Be sexy and fearless when wearing a pair of our strappy, more contemporary boots. They will definitely give you an edge and you need to embrace it!


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