Clown Costumes

Humor yourself and everyone else by picking up a costume from our enticing collection of clown costumes!


Clowning Around!

Clowns have been popular  for decades in the circus, children's birthday parties and even in horror movies but who said that a clown can't be sexy? Well ladies, if you want that striking sexy sense of humor that just draws people to you, then you will absolutely love our colorful intriguing clown costumes. Balloons, rainbows, polka dots, confetti and more! You will bring life to any party in our Circus Cutie Pie-Plus, make them stop and blush in Giggles the Clown or make their hearts melt in the Sweetheart Harlequin. Our clown costume selection is just what you need!

Clown Costume Tips:

  • Try our colorful wigs for a completed look
  • Go the extra mile with a full faced clown make up
  • The key to a good, sexy clown: A colorful personality and a BIG smile
  • Thigh highs and the right pair of shoes will make your outfit pop


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