Chef / Waitress Costumes

Heat and serve it up in a selection from our hot and tempting Chef/Waitress Costumes!


Serve It!

Cook up something hot and steamy and serve it up in one of our daringly sexy Chef/ Waitress Costumes. You just can't resist any of these selections they are absolutely astonishing! Everyone will love you in the cute and sweet Cupcake Cutie, you will be smoking hot in Cigars, Cigarettes?, and you will be oh so simply irresistible in our Pastry Lover. So don't fight that craving you are having right now just dig in and choose your entree now. Bon Appétit!

Costume Add-On's:

Can't find the accessories and hosiery in the photos above well check these out:

  • Surprise Stocking #ML-4742
  • Raven Stockings #LA-6005
  • Cigarette Hat #SL-A1022
  • Glitter Top Hat #LA-A1071
  • Satin Top Hat #LA-2135
  • Sexy Satin Gloves LA-8B

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