Butterfly Costumes

You will look absolutely lovely when you put on one of these amazing Butterfly Costumes, check out our selection!


Flying Beauty

Butterflies are known to represent so many things for many different cultures and religions,  from being the soul of the dead, to representation of love, long life, marital bliss and much more. You will look so delightful and beautiful in our Butterfly Fairy, shine and look magnificent in Butterfly Costume, or be girly and flirty in the Delicate Butterfly. We also have options for our other winged beauties such as the elegant Woodland Fairy and the oh so colorful Rainbow Fairy. So take your pick now and flutter and fly away!

Butterfly Costume Tips:

  • Choose a butterfly costume theme that best fits your personality or event.
  • Dress with friends: You can each dress up as different winged beauties from a butterfly, to an angel, fairy, and or even a bird.
    Add on one of the following colorful wigs to match your butterfly or fairy costumes:
  • Moonlight Curly SKU# LA-A1988
  • Pixie Bob Wig SKU#LA-A1988
  • Long Curly Wig SKU#LA-A1987
    Check out some of our amazing eyelashes that will make your costume stand out:
  • Paradise Dreams SKU#BC-619
  • Paradise Dreams SKU#BC-638
  • Magic Colors SKU#BC-529
  • Starlight Edition SKU# BC-515

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