Beer Girl Costumes

No one will be able to resist you in a sexy Beer Girl Costume, you will indeed be the life of the party!



Walk into the room in slow motion with a smile on your face, a cold brewski in your hand, and a sexy beer girl costume on and you will be irresistible ... no wait Beer-resistable! No one can resist a woman in a hot beer girl costume, Dutch, Swedish or German you are sure to be arousing in one of our selections. Many of our choices come in sets minus a few of the accessories and details pictured but what you ever you need you can always add on. Now grab a cold one, turn it up and create a night of fun.

Beer Girl Tips:

  • Add on a pair of white thigh highs, knee highs, or panty hose to wear with your costume and a pair of heels to complete your costume
  • 2 ponytails braided or curled tied off with ribbons will also complete your costume. You can create this look with a wig if needed
  • Natural toned make up with a neutral colored or red lipstick on a pair of pouty lips are best for your Beer girl look
  • Fluff it up and on a petticoat to put underneath your costume. -Browse our shoes and on a pair of mary jane heels this will top off your look

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