Bee / Lady Bug Costumes

Bee the buzz that everyone is talking about in our absolutely lovely bee and lady bug costumes!


Buzzing Around!

Did you know that both lady bugs and bees use their colors to warn predators that they are dangerous so that they are not preyed upon. Well when you are spotted buzzing around in one of these sexy Bee and Ladybug costumes that defense mechanism just may not work, you predators will not be able to keep their eyes off of you! Though bees and ladybugs are indeed very much common costumes that are considered to be just cute and adorable that doesn't mean you can't stand out and Bee the feisty bumble bee with a little bit of a sting or the flashy sassy lady bug in red. No matter which one you are, you'll be sure have them stopping and staring in amazement!

How to BEE a LADY tips:

  • The colors yellow and red are not complimenting to every skin complexion so bee sure to choose the color insect that looks best on you
  • Make your outfit sexy, just add in a pair of gartered thigh highs or fish nets, a pair of gloves, a pair of lashes and glam your make up a bit
  • If your wings are a bother then don't bother wearing them all night, with your spots, stripes and antenna everyone will still know that you are a sexy bee or ladybug
  • Don't forget shoes, a pair of black or yellow heels for a bee and a pair of red or black heels for a lady bug will be a perfect match

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