Bedroom Costumes

Spice it up and make him drool in one of these stunning erotic bedroom costumes!


Rekindle that Flame!

Role playing has been popular amongst many couples needing to rekindle the flame or wanting to keep the excitement in their relationship and role playing is not complete without the perfect bedroom costume! Be a naughty School Girl in detention, Mrs. Officer ready to arrest, or his private exotic dancer for one night. Whatever the fantasy is we have the costume to fulfill it. Make it a fun, exciting, sensual and a night for the both of you to remember.

Spice it Up tips:

  • Choose a costume theme that is relevant to the occasion or fantasy that you are your significant other share.
  • In order to feel sexy you have to feel secure so make sure that the costume you choose is something you will also feel comfortable wearing.
  • Pair it up. All of the costumes may not come with the proper accessories so add on a pair of shoes, hosiery, wig, lashes etc.
  • If you are role playing then you may as well go all out purchase or put together a bedroom costume for your significant other to wear also

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