Arabian & Bollywood Costumes

Our Arabian and Bollywood costumes will make you feel mystical, sexy and elegant!


Arabian Nights

Arabian and Bollywood fashions have become a popular fascination to many people now in current times from head pieces, to nose chains and even tattoos. We bring you a selection of costumes that will make you feel mystic, beautiful, elegant and sexy . You can spice up one of our choices of Arabian and Bollywood costumes by going the extra mile by purchasing or making your own head piece, nose chain or maybe even having a henna design done. Whatever your choice you will be sure to have an amazing Arabian night or an Arabian day.

Arabian and Bollywood costume Tips

  • Go the mile and have a temporary henna design done on your hands.
  • Gold jewelry and gems are the perfect accessories with an Arabian or Bollywood costume.
  • A strappy gold sandal or strappy gold or silver heel will go best with your Arabian or Bollywood costume!
  • Wear makeup that stands out and compliments the colors you are wearing. Create long full lashes, dark eyeliner and arched eye brows.

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