Animal Costumes

Animal lovers will purr and growl in excitement over our selection of wild and sexy animal costumes and animal print shoes!


Purrfect Animal Costumes!

Be wild and sexy in our options of sexy animal costumes! We have the purrfect animal costumes for the sexy cat lovers, play boy bunny girls, and even the naughty jungle animal print lovers. Need leopard print shoes to go with your all black cat suit? Look no further because we have it all here for you. You will definitely be foxy and have the hounds howling as you prowl through the night.

Animal Costume Tips:

  • If you are a sexy leopard or a lioness add some black or pink make up to the tip or your nose, a little bit of bronzer and draw on some whiskers.
  • A butterfly, bee or lady bug with no antennas: Buy a cheap head band and some fuzzy wires from your local arts and crafts store and make your own.
  • Get those nails done! Cats, bunnies and foxes go the extra mile medium to long pointy or squared nails colored black or pink will look great!
  • Don't overdo it! You don't have to wear leopard print shoes with your leopard costume with leopard print earrings, leopard print bracelet and leopard print finger nails.


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