Rave Wear

Didn't you know? Ravers have more fun! All eyes will be on you when you walk into the club with our flashy rave wear!


Join the Rave Wave

When you think about a rave party, you generally think of house, trance, techno, dubstep, and any kind of electronic dance music along with light shows and glow sticks. Raves are always a ton of fun to attend, but you don't want to stick out like a sore thumb! At Spurst.com, we have a bunch of sexy and fashion-savy rave wear for you, from loud fun colors, to light up skirts and tops to glow in! Raves are the most fun a lady can have, so why not maximize it by dressing up! Whether you are looking for the perfect EDC outfit or something to wear to Ultra Music Fest.... The wilder, the BETTER!


How to: Rave Wear


  • The number 1 thing to know about rave wear: LAYER, LAYER, LAYER! Find sexy pieces and layer them on top of each other
  • FISHNET is a great way to achieve the rave look, especially if only a little is showing, layered with another clothing article
  • Opt for Light-up outfits! Glow sticks and light shows define raves, so why not become the light show yourself? mmm..sexy! ;)
  • The more color, the better! Heck, become the rainbow...this might be the only time you can bring out your wildest side and still look hot!


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