Plus Size Lingerie

Embrace your curves with our plus size lingerie! From baby dolls to bustiers, we have all the right styles to line those curves!


Plus Size Lingerie Buying Guide

Just because you may be a couple of sizes bigger than other women doesn't mean you have to be boring in the bedroom or stick to the normal bra and underwear! We have hundreds of styles and colors to choose from that will compliment your frame and give that extra kick in the bedroom. With our wide selection of plus sizes, you'll be able to choose from different styles such as baby dolls, bustiers and corsets to colors like sexy reds and sultry pinks. Spurst.com has no limit on sexy when it comes to our curvaceous ladies. We have just the right amount of lingerie to make sure every plus size woman feels confident enough to flaunt her curves. Go ahead and browse our never limited collection and take things with your partner to a whole new level!

Here are some tips for buying plus size lingerie:

  • Choose a style that compliments your frame. You don't want a size too small or too big.
  • Sex things up with a bit of lace. Don't be afraid to be sexy!
  • Black isn't always slimming. It's okay to throw on a piece of animal print once in a while.
  • Stay away from over-sized long night gowns. You want to flaunt your curves, not enhance them.
  • Last but not least, don't be intimidated. Have fun and be creative!




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