Plus Size Leather Lingerie

Having problems with your partner following orders? Whip and dominate him in our sexy plus size leather lingerie!


Dominating Leather

Nothing screams sexy than a perfect leather bustier, corset or leggings! Leather is the absolute perfect material to really accent those curves. Sizing is tough with leather since it has its own elasticity and uses the warmth from your body. If you pick a size too loose, it may actually fit bigger than what you hoped for and with leather, you want it hugging your body as tight as possible! Pull those chains and whips out and show your dominate side with our beautiful collection of plus size leather lingerie.

Buying Guide:

  • Measure your body in both inches and centimeters to ensure you buy the correct size.
  • Getting the correct size is important with leather because you don't want it to look like a cover up.
  • When trying on the product, make sure it's clinging to your body and hugging your desired curves.
  • Black is the best route to go when wearing leather as the black creates a slimmer silhouette and the leather hugs you.

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