Plus Size Dancewear

Shake those hips and move your body comfortably in our wide selection of plus size dancewear!


Barely There Dancewear

You don't have to be a professional dancer to enjoy the sexiness of our plus size dancewear collection. With our top selections of dancewear, you can bring sexy back into the bedroom with your partner. Dancewear has that extra creativity to bring sparks back where it was once lost! From full length lace bodystockings, school girl costumes, sheer dresses and cut outs, your fantasies will sure come alive in any style of our plus size dancewear. There should be no limits when it comes to the bedroom or even as a professional dancer to what your outfit should look like. Spurst.com gives each woman an opportunity to express herself and be different from the next with our biggest collection of plus size dancewear. Go ahead, be bold and explore your different dancewear options!

Plus Size Dancewear Buying Guide:

  • Make your outfit pop by adding in some color.
  • Pair your outfit with sexy heels. It will add that finished look.
  • If you're choosing a dress, don't be afraid to throw on a pair of fishnet or thigh high stockings.
  • Mix & Match. You want to make sure you give it your own touch.
  • Accessorize! It's not an everyday outfit but you can still play around with it.


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