Plus Size Costumes

Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY! Explore your imagination and liven up any party with Spurst.com's plus size costumes!


Take your Imagination to a Whole New Level!

Last minute Halloween party? You've come to the right place to stock up on all the latest plus size Halloween costumes. From french maids to police officers, there is no limit to the imagination with our selection of costumes. Spurst.com has the best quality, styles and selections to make sure you WOW the crowd or impress the judges in a costume contest. Too many costumes listed to find something unique or that you like? Create a do-it-yourself costume and mix and match with our other products such as bustiers, corsets and tutu's. Regardless of the look you are going this Halloween or even role playing in the bedroom, Spurst.com has it all to accommodate all looks for our curvaceous women!

Costume Tips:

  • Accessorize your costume but don't go overboard. You don't want to take the attention off the costume.
  • Make sure you choose the proper style shoe to match your costume.
  • Get creative by changing the look, such as a usual nurse to a zombie nurse!
  • Play up your look by throwing on wigs and eyelashes!
  • If you're indecisive, choose a theme and go with it. Your mind will open up to different possibilities!



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