Plus Size Chemises & Gowns

Whether you're crawling into bed or fresh out the shower, our plus size chemises & gowns will leave you feeling sexy and smooth!


Sexy Chemises & Gowns

Chemises are the perfect night time outfit for the bedroom. Don't let the intimidation of a "skinny" girl come in the way of our plus size chemises. At Spurst.com, we take effort into making sure every woman, no matter what her size, is comfortable and can feel sexy in anything! When purchasing a chemise, keep in mind of the color and style. Size is also important because you want the chemise to align your curves. You want to make sure every curve is accounted for and that you feel sexy! Gowns are great for that after shower smooth and silky feeling. Curvaceous women don't have to stick to the boring cotton robes. Here at Spurst.com, we have all materials such as satin and silk to make you feel at your best whether you're going to sleep or lounging around the house. Sit back and relax while you browse our beautiful collection of plus size chemises and gowns!

Do's and Don'ts for Plus Size Chemises & Gowns:


  • DO different colors. Be Bold! You don't have to stick with black.
  • DON'T buy smaller than what you are. You want to be comfortable when you throw it on.
  • DON'T limit yourself to a certain style. Play around with it! Have fun.
  • DO spice it up with some lace.
  • DON'T be intimidated. Build your confidence and let the sexy woman in you out!



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