Plus Size Camisoles & Cami Sets

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Desirable Camisoles & Cami Sets

Sleep time doesn't have to be boring! With our collection of plus size camisoles, your late night fantasies just got real. Whether you're a size thirty six or a sixteen, this is the perfect bedtime or lounge around lingerie that will never get old or boring. Our top quality picks ensure a comfortable fit without the "squeezing". Make sure the material you choose is a material you are familiar and comfortable with. Camisoles and cami sets are all about comfort because they're perfect for relaxing in the house. There is no better way for a full figured woman to feel comfortable and sexy at the same time than putting on our beautiful camisoles. Shop til you drop in our selection of plus sizes!

Buying Guide & Tips:

  • Along with your chest size, be mindful to your pantie size. You don't want a muffin top look.
  • Lace will always add that sex appeal if it's what you're trying to achieve.
  • A neck tie added in as an accessory will give a flirty, tease look
  • Animal prints will bring out the wild side.
  • Deep V cuts will help define your curves. Plus, a little chest never hurt anyone!

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