Plus Size Animal Prints

Let your inner wild side out by throwing on one of Spurst.com's wide collection of plus size animal print lingerie!


Wet N Wild Animal Prints

Enhance your curves and inner wild side with our collection of animal print plus size lingerie! If you're scared to try any bright colors, animal print is the perfect way to dip your toes into the water for a change. From cheetah to leopard or zebra prints, Spurst.com has it all to help bring your inner animal out. Animal print is a great way to express the wild side of you without having to act crazy. Go ahead and go wild over our plus size animal prints. Be the queen of the jungle and browse our exotic wild collection of animal print lingerie!

Tips for Animal Prints:

  • Red accessories such as high heels always compliment the classic leopard style.
  • Make sure to choose a print that accents your curves and not enhance them.
  • Don't go overboard with the print. Mix and match it with a solid colored underwear or bold colored shoe.
  • Be bold by experimenting with colored animal prints.
  • Animal prints are all about being daring so don't be afraid to play with your options!


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