Plus Size

Don't hide that plus size physique! No matter how little or big you are, we have every size and style to fit your curvaceous figure!


Bigger is Always Better!

If the skinny girls can wear it, so can you! Don’t listen to those silly magazines that tell you what you can or cannot wear if you’re a certain size. If you got it, flaunt it!  Plus size women can be sexy too!  Don’t limit yourself to the boring night gowns and black pant pajamas. Spice your full figured frame up with a sexy bustier or baby doll. Whether you’re feeling daring with animal prints or sexy for lace, we have every size, shape and color to fit that curvy frame and boost your confidence through the roof. Go ahead and browse through our wide plus size selection and bring your fantasies alive!


Here are some quick tips for picking plus size lingerie:

  • Choose your true size. In this case, bigger is not always better. You’ll wind up looking bigger than you actually are.
  • Don’t be afraid to show off your curves! You have them for a reason, don’t hide them.
  • Stray away from black. It’s okay to throw in a pop of color.
  • Lastly, be confident! Plus size is the new skinny!



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