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Baby Got Curves!

We love our plus size divas, so we're always adding new styles! We love women of all shapes and sizes, but we especially love a woman with some meat on her! We know our Spurst divas are not afraid to show off their sexy curves, so we have some of the most daring, most erotic styles you can find. All women, regardless of their shape or size should be comfortable in their own skin; the best way to have confidence is by examining yourself in the mirror - what is your sexiest body part? It maybe your chest, your round rear, your sexy back, or your legs. Once you picked your body part you're most proud of, pick out lingerie that accentuates that body part. Most importantly, men love thicker ladies, so don't be ashamed of your sexy body, because the skinny chick is probably jealous of all your curves ;)

Picking the right lingerie

  • Try to steer clear of any color you already have too much of. Women love wearing black, but you should give your partner something new; try our neon colors, or if you want to start off slowly, incorporate a small amount of bright color in nude/black lingerie.
  • Experiment! Try new styles! You won't know what he likes until he sees you in it.
  • Once you get your lingerie picked out, doll yourself up! Yes, make a sexy hairstyle and light sexy make up - only enough to make you look like a natural beauty. If it's a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, it's perfectly fine to do heavy make up - it'll add to the sex appeal!
  • Practice your sultry moves...and put on a show for your man!

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