Waist Cinchers

Reduce your waistline and create that perfect hour-glass figure with these sexy waist cinchers!Waist cinching corsets, bustiers, bra sets and many more!


Every woman wants to feel good about herself! Give yourself an hourglass figure with a sexy and alluring waist cincher. Whether you choose to go for a corset waist cincher, bustier waist cincher, bra set waist cincher or even an open cup waist cincher it'll shape your body and hide those details you want hidden! This slimming body shaper is perfect for practically any night! You can use it to wear under your clothes when out in public and use it as the perfect night lingerie in the bedroom!


  1. Waist cinchers are great to give a smaller waist illusion because it is lined with a plastic strip called 'boning'. This is a support structure for the garments and acts as a force to compress your body into that shape.
  2. Because of how waist cinchers are made they do restrict movement to a certain degree, so it fixes your posture and helps you sit and stand up straight!

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