Sheer Lingerie

Ultra sexy sheer lingerie can leave little to the imagination yet stir up passion for an exciting time!


Sheer Lingerie Passion

What's not to love about sheer lingerie? Just the thought of an elegant piece of sheer lingerie can ignite the flames of passion. Fashion has loved sheer looks for years, from flowing sheer floral dresses to mysterious sheer black blouses, there is something for everyone. Sheer lingerie has taken this trend to entirely new level. With everything from sheer accents to full sheer chemises you and your partner are sure to love.  Sheer lingerie has been called the sexiest lingerie look that exists.  Today sheer lingerie can be found in a variety of looks from subtle nudes to bright and bold neons.  Having fun with sheer lingerie will make the search for a new look exciting.  With so many options there is something that you are sure to fall in love with.  Here are some of our favorite sheer lingerie options.

What to look for in sheer lingerie:

  • Sheer accents placed in just the right areas can create just the right amount of mystery
  • Printed sheer lingerie can look sensual but still give you some coverage when putting it on
  • To wear sheer lingerie pieces during the day pull on a cardigan over a bustier and you are ready to go
  • Sheer leggings can be the perfect compliment to spring or summer outfit
  • Dark sheer lingerie, such as black or burgundy can be revealing and sensual when worn in the bedroom


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