Ruffled Lingerie

Oh La La! Romantic ruffled lingerie with layers of frills will make you oh so sensuous!


Wearing Romantic Ruffles

Ruffles have come a long way from the prom dresses of years past!  The modern ruffled look exudes confidence and femininity.  You will find ruffles in an assortment of fabrics such as lace ruffles, organza ruffles and chiffon ruffles.  Pairing ruffles with lingerie can portray a sexy feminine and confident look on a woman.  Ruffled lingerie comes in a variety of cuts and styles.  You can find ruffled baby dolls with detailing at the bust and edging, or you can find full ruffled petticoats to pair with a sleek corset.  Ruffled lingerie can take an outfit or evening from blah to spectacular.  Ruffles evoke a feeling of passion and romance any time they are worn.  The marriage of ruffles and lingerie is the perfect harmony for one romantic evening.  We have put together our favorite ruffled lingerie tips for you below.

Choosing ruffled lingerie:

  • Look for ruffled lingerie that flatters your body type,  Make sure the ruffles are in areas that will highlight your figure
  • Contrasting colored ruffles are a modern and trendy way to make a piece of lingerie stand out
  • If you have a smaller bust than choosing lingerie with ruffles on the bra will enhance the size of it
  • If you would like to create the illusion of larger hips than choose lingerie with ruffles around the hip and but area
  • Remember not to over do any trend.  So pair a full ruffled skirt with a more sleek or modern top for balance

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