Metallic Lingerie

Get the look of shimmery and sultry metallic lingerie! With this high voltage trend you will be ready for some luxe glamour!


How To Wear The Metallic Trend

Designers all over the globe are showcasing metallic fashion trends on the runway. From subtle silver to bold fuchsia there are a multitude of colors for anyone who wants to try out this trend. Many designers are doing bold all over metallic statement pieces while others are pairing a metallic accent with a more subtle neutral hue. Either look you prefer, both will have you looking like you stepped off the runway. Metallic lingerie gives women the option to explore this trend in the bedroom or on a hot night out. Pairing metallic lingerie with other closet staples will help you achieve a fashionable look. Metallic lingerie adds a touch of glamour and luxury to your lingerie wardrobe.

Wearing metallic lingerie:

  • Don't be afraid to be bold by playing with bright metallic colors such as fuchsia and blue
  • Wear a metallic lingerie piece with a soft jacket for a night out
  • Mix leather boots with metallic lingerie pieces to achieve an edgy look
  • Keep accessories minimal since metallic pieces make a statement on their own
  • Look for colors that compliment your skin tone when selecting silver or gold metallic lingerie


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