Lingerie With Toys

Get ready for some fun! All of the sexy lingerie here comes with toys like dvd's for inspiration or accessories to ignite passion!

Sexy Sergeant

Fun With Lingerie And Toys

So you already love sexy lingerie, with lace, mesh and all its beauty, but now imagine pairing it with a little extra something! Lingerie with toys can take the excitement any night to a whole new level. It has been proven that couples that experiment in the bedroom have a more stable and fun long term romance. With adding exciting elements such as an erotic DVD to your evening you can amp up the erotic feeling. Being bold in the bedroom by bringing in elements of surprise will surely have your partner amazed with you. Another way to add some excitement is with sex toys. These toys are an additional way to enhance sexual sensation in the bedroom. With all these options you will be ready for a night full of erotic romance. Here are some of our favorite lingerie with toys suggestions.

Our favorite lingerie with toys:

  • Introduce a vibrator to the bedroom by pairing it with an erotic teddy
  • Paddles and whips always amp up the sexy appeal, try these with crotchless panty styles
  • DVD's can teach you and your partner new romantic positions to explore
  • Handcuff's or chains will always add an extra element of passion
  • Don't forget to open to trying new things with your partner!


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