Leather & Vinyl Lingerie

Look daring in leather and vinyl lingerie! Wear a leather corset or show off some vinyl with studs to become a dominatrix for the evening!


Your Guide To Leather & Vinyl Lingerie

The days of boring lingerie are over! Put on some leather and vinyl lingerie to turn up the erotic factor any time. With so many options to choose from bold leather lingerie and sleek vinyl lingerie are quickly becoming popular trends in the bedroom. Not only has leather become a runway staple but paired with softer textures its the ultimate play on sweet and sexy. With luxurious embellishments such as chains, whips and studs, leather and vinyl lingerie will be a welcomed to treat for you and your partner. Here are some of the recent leather and vinyl trends to look for when shopping for lingerie.

Leather & Vinyl Trends:

  • Look for embellishments such as chains and studs to increase the dominatrix feel
  • Pair your leather and vinyl lingerie with fishnet stockings and knee high boots
  • Classic combinations such as leather and lace will have you looking sassy
  • Strappy detailing paired with an erotic whip will amp up your sex appeal
  • Don't be boring! ¬†With leather and vinyl lingerie there are limitless¬†possibilities¬†to explore!

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