Floral Print Lingerie

What is more romantic than flowers? Now you can pair the romance of flowers with your lingerie!


Floral Fashions

Floral prints have changed from the days of your grandmother's old dresses. These days fashion and lingerie have put a new modern and trendy spin on fresh florals. With everything from floral bustiers to floral garter sets your ultimate floral fantasies can all come true. The new floral prints are bold and bright. Some designers feature dark black or navy backgrounds with modern floral designs and others do bright pops of neon floral. Not only are floral prints versatile for spring and summer but you can also pair a gorgeous floral corset with some jeans and a blazer for fall. The possibilities are limitless. Here are some tips on shopping for the right floral prints.

Shopping for florals:

  • Look for a print that will flatter your body shape. ┬áLarger prints should be avoided by petites and smaller prints avoided by curvy ladies
  • Blend a floral print corset with a sleek mini skirt for the perfect evening look
  • Try modern takes on floral lingerie with bright neons and bold colors
  • Let the floral lingerie be the focus of your outfit by minimizing other bold patterns or jewelry
  • Dainty floral prints are a perfect way to brighten up a spring wardrobe

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