Fine Lingerie

Spurst.com has an exquisite selection of fine lingerie with everything from embroidery to delicate lace touches to leave you breathless!


Caring For Fine Lingerie

The right choice in intimate apparel is sure to make you feel sensuous and smart!  Fine lingerie made with high quality fabrics and decadent designs will leave you looking provocative and breathtaking. Once you are found the special fine lingerie pieces you love, caring for them are just as important.  Following a few simple steps and storing your fine lingerie properly will help ensure you can enjoy it for years to come.  With fine lingerie you will find an array of delicate fabrics and designs, it is important to keep that in mind when caring for these items.  Below are some tips that will help with the care of fine lingerie.

Useful tips to care for fine lingerie:

  • Since most fine lingerie is made from delicate material, keep it away from any type of surfaces that can snag the garment
  • Always fold your fine lingerie and store them in drawers
  • Do not hang fine lingerie on hangers, it will cause the garment to change shape over time
  • Take care of your fine lingerie and will be able to enjoy it for years!


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