Burlesque Lingerie

Put on a show with vintage style and glamour in burlesque lingerie!  Find everything from flirty fringe to sultry feathers at Spurst.com!


Put On A Burlesque Show

With its start in 19th century Britain, burlesque shows have become a symbol of erotic and glamorous appeal.  Burlesque lingerie is about the performance as much as it is about the figure hugging corsets and layers of petticoats.  Today burlesque shows have inspired great performances from the like of celebrities such as Dita Von Teese.  Burlesque lingerie is meant to celebrate the feminine curves of females and leave admirers in awe.  Put on your sexy burlesque lingerie and be transported to a fantasy world with with old vintage style and romance.

Tips on getting the Burlesque Look:

  • The corset is the classic foundation for most burlesque lingerie.  Pair it with a petticoat or fringed bottom
  • Think of vintage icons and follow their style cues with everything from pillbox hats to waist cinchers
  • Mix and match different piece to achieve numerous looks from selected pieces.
  • Pasties were a definition of iconic burlesque lingerie looks, pair some with an open cup corset
  • It's all about the fantasy, so get dolled up and have some fun!  Pretend you are center stage and everyone is there just to see your show!


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