Bridal Lingerie

Make your special night one to remember forever with Spurst.com’s stunning selection of bridal lingerie!


Beautiful Brides!

Being a bride is one of the most magical experiences a woman can experience.  It is the joining of two people that deeply love and care for each other.  As you are planning out your amazing day, don't forget about the amazing evening to come!  Bridal lingerie is an intimate expression of the romance between you and your partner.  Planning the right bridal lingerie look is key to creating sparks after you have tied the knot.  Traditionally women have worn white bridal lingerie, but these days brides are venturing into bold trendy colors such as blues and pinks.  There is an array of bridal lingerie styles to choose from.  You can find anything from satin corsets to flirty sheer bridal babydolls.  Not only is bridal lingerie important for the day of the big event, but you want to make sure you are prepared for the romance of the honeymoon.  Picking sexy honeymoon lingerie out for you and your partner will elevate the romance as you celebrate true love.  Below are some tips for bridal and honeymoon lingerie.

Selecting the perfect bridal lingerie:

  • Always choose pieces that make you feel confident and sexy.  If you like to wear babydolls then find a gorgeous white lace babydoll
  • Mix it up with various colors.  Choose white for wedding night and bright neon for the honeymoon
  • Wear some sexy bridal lingerie under your wedding dress to make you feel stunning
  • Blue and white are a great way to mix tradition with trend for your wedding night
  • Don't be afraid to experiment and have fun with looks that will bring sparks to you and your partner!


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