Body Stockings

Body Stockings

Thousands of sexy bodystockings to choose from, everything from fishnet, lace and open crotch sexy bodystockings at Spurst.com!


Sexy Bodystockings

Sexy bodystockings are an article of lingerie similar to pantyhose, but covering the entire body. If you love the silky smooth feeling of wearing sexy bodystockings, then you will love the feeling of an all over sexy bodystockings. Sexy bodystockings come in a variety of fabrics and cuts to suit your style. You can find lace bodystockings, fishnet bodystockings, open crotch bodystockings and long sleeve bodystockings to name a few.

Sexy bodystockings can be worn for a variety of purposes. In colder winter months, sexy bodystockings are worn under dresses or clothing to provide a layer of comfort and warmth.  Wearing sexy bodystockings underneath clothing also smooths the silhouette to create the perfect base for clothing on top. Another use of sexy bodystockings would be for pleasure. Sexy bodystockings worn as a piece of sexy lingerie can spark things up for you and your partner. The allover lace or fishnet look shows the shape of your body but still leaves something to the imagination. If you are more daring you can choose those sheer sexy bodystockings and showcase your body. So spark up your day or evening with some exotic and sexy bodystockings!

Popular sexy bodystockings styles:


  • Halter neck bodystockings
  • Open crotch bodystockings
  • Gartered bodystockings
  • Opaque bodystockings
  • Lace bodystockings
  • Sheer bodystockings
  • Fishnet bodystockings


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